3 layers Organic Cotton + Silk Facial Cloth

3 layers Organic Cotton + Silk Facial Cloth
3 layers Organic Cotton + Silk Facial Cloth
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3 layers Organic Cotton + Silk Facial Cloth
A very breathable and gentle touch on the skin, chidoriya’s brand new 3 layer organic cotton + silk cloth.

It does not shed fabric easily, works excellently for removing your make-up. When we were searching for the perfect face cloth to pair with our new cleansing balm we discovered this wonderful quality product from a towel maker in Japan.

First, the top layer is woven in simple laces so this gentle "toothing" makes it effective when removing make-up and dirt from the skin. Usually the threads are twisted to make one thread, however this silk rolled cotton uses natural material silk and id softly twisted for a fluffy and gentle finish. We have pursued the most suitable threading techniques for women’s delicate skin.

The result of this process is that our cloth has a much smoother feel on the skin. This cloth is also made from GOTS standard organic cotton and uses a new bio (enzyme) Refining process. It is totally worry free and chemical free. It is gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Directions (with our Cleansing Balm):
1) Apply a teaspoonful amount into palm and massage your entire face with gentle strokes with your fingertips allowing the cleansing balm to fully dissolve dead skin cell and make-up.

2) Remove with chidoriya original 3 layers organic cotton + silk facial cloth soaked in hot water. It will be more effective if you steam your face with facial cloth first, then wipe off.
Repeat using the facial cloth with hot water if not all cleansing balm has not been removed.

3) As for removing water proof eye make-up, wipe gently with cotton soaked in hot water first.
*Wash the facial cloth with soap and water after using and hang to dry in a dry place.

Size: 12.5-inch x 12.5-inch
Material: Organic cotton 97%, Silk 3%
Made in Japan