SHAVING CREAM SOAP w/ travel brush

SHAVING CREAM SOAP w/ travel brush
SHAVING CREAM SOAP w/ travel brush
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SHAVING CREAM SOAP w/ travel brush
◉ Chidoriya original formulation shaving soap is made with pure olive oil, sweet almond oil and Organic Golden Jojoba Oil with selected essential oils and natural herb.

◉ Natural Hinokitiol (from Hiba Oil) which has excellent Anti-Bacteria properties, also Catechin found in green tea keeps the skin hydrated and is also Anti-Oxident. Bay leaf in this soap has Anti-Inflammation properties and also contains tea tree oil which has been proven to be a powerful yet natural antiviral and antibacterial essential oil.

◉ The disinfectant quality of the eucalyptus oil helps keep your skin clean and soothe. Both your skin and your mind will be refreshed with the scent of spearmint and lemon essential oils while Omega 6 / Linoleic acid and Omega 3 / α-Linolenic acid found in Hemp seed oil help build and maintain your skin's health.

Wet your shaving brush with warm water and lather up the soap using a circular motion. Wet your face. It will be the best to warm up your face with a hot towel beforehand which will make softer touch on the skin.
Apply the lather to your face using a paintbrush motion using the shaving brush. Finish lathering by using painting strokes to cover your face with a thick layer. Stretch your skin as you shave. Pull the area to which you will apply the straight razor until it is tight. Use a sharp, clean razor to shave.

◉ After shaving, dry off with a soft towel and follow with Peach Moon Herbal Water for soothing and balancing and/or Original Pure Camellia Oil for hydrating.

◉ Vegetable Glycerin, Saponified Organic Oil of Coconut, Olive and Palm, Water, Organic Brown Sugar, Sweet Almond Oil, Hiba Oil, Green Tea Leaf Powder, Organic Jojoba Oil , Bay Leaf Powder, Tea Tree Oil, Spearmint Leaf Oil, Lemon Oil, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, Hemp Seed Oil
*1 Bristle Shaving Brush is included.

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◉ Yes. We offer just the shaving cream soap without the brush.
Because you already have a great shaving brush at home! correct?!