We would like to talk about our favorite hair brush.
"Tsuge Boxwood Brush"

◉ Yes, it's a little pricy… but you do need a hair brush that actually goes into the hair and stimulates your scalp. And this is one of a few hair brushes that you will need for your life and last just as long.

◉ In times past…in the Ibusuki region of Japan, when a girl was born, a boxwood tree was planted and the two grew up together. When the girl gets married, combs and furniture are made with the same tree which she then would take into her new home.

◉ In our history, women used to comb or brush their hair long periods of time (sometimes upwards to 100 strokes through the hair). But we don't take that much time anymore.
Why?….because we have great shampoos, conditioners and treatment products that are effective.

◉ We have been conditioned to believe that using "product" saves us time and makes it so our hair doesn't need as much management.
But brushing is always really good for your hair. It helps to move the hair's natural oils from the scalp towards the ends of your hair. If your hair is really dry, try to brush it using our Tsuge Brush with Camellia Oil. It does make a remarkable difference!

◉ Please try a scalp massage with our best Tsuge Boxwood Brush that is soaked with Original Pure Camellia Oil

Massage from the top of your head and moving down radially toward the back of your neck. Massage gently from the back of your head through the back of your neck.

We hope you will enjoy our Tsuge Boxwood Brush!!