TENNYOKOH aroma oil blend 10ml

TENNYOKOH aroma oil blend 10ml
TENNYOKOH aroma oil blend 10ml
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TENNYOKOH aroma oil blend 10ml
The selected essential oils help improve all types of problem skin ex: itchy, scaly or inflamed skin. Helps to detoxify and balance sebum.

LAVENDER: Our premium Lavender from the highest elevations of France has a light, sweet floral aroma. Calming, soothing, restorative, clarifying and balancing. Helps assist the skin's natural healing ability, Anti-Ceptic, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Wrinkle properties. Effective for sagging skin.
GERANIUM: Also known as Rose Geranium, has a sweet floral aroma similar to rose. Uplifting and balancing. Excellent for treating hormonal imbalance.
ROSEMARY: Has a strong, fresh, herbaceous aroma. Stimulating and invigorating. Boost cell renewal. Natural Anti-Oxidants. Anti-Cellulite property: helps tone and tighten the skin.
PALMAROSA: Has a sweet, floral aroma similar to Geranium. Sensuous,clarifying, calming and uplifting.
MAYCHANG: Has a lemony , fresh fruity aroma. Calming and very cheering.
BENZOIN: Carminative, sedative. Anti-Perspirant / Deodorants and muscle relaxant.
CEDARWOOD: Has a pleasing, woody aroma which is calming and helps ease anxiety

about 1 drop of Tennyoko oil : a tablespoonful carrier oil

about 2~3 drops of Tennyoko oil : 2 tablespoonful carrier oil

about 6 drops (make sure the essential oil is blended really well into the bathwater)

about 2~3 drops of Tennyoko oil : a tablespoonful water

INGREDIENTS:Lavender Oil, Geranium Oil, Rosemary Oil, Palmarosa Oil, Maychang Oil, Benzoin Oil, Cedarwood Oil,

Do not use directly on skin, unless diluted in a carrier oil such as; 100% PURE CAMELLIA OIL

Cautions: pregnancy, also high blood pressure, epilepsy