Original Tsuge Boxwood Comb (Long)

<font size=2>Original Tsuge Boxwood Comb (Long)
Original Tsuge Boxwood Comb (Long)
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Chidoriya Tsuge Boxwood Comb does wonders to your hair!

◉ Our Tsuge "Boxwood" Long Comb (Tail Comb) is an essential tool for accurate parting and sectioning.
It will make you look sleek & sophisticated easily.
It is a wonderful comb! Great for back combing or teasing your hair.

◉ Wooden combs are the great thing while combing your hair.
Read this article on The health Site "Comb your hair the right way to beat hair loss" .

Unlike plastic, it doesn't produce static or snap your hair. Never use soap & water to clean wooden combs.
Please use pure vegetable oils such as:
Original Pure Camellia Oil to clean and maintain them.

SIZE: 7.85-inch Long

Handmade by skilled comb artisans in Japan.